EU-HQ for Associations

"EPTDA is Europe’s leading association in industrial distribution, hosting several executive and board meetings, and a large annual convention every year. EU-HQ helps us cater for these needs, and enables us to fully focus on our core business. Glocal Solutions has supported us for almost 10 years with association management and other related services very successfully. The expansion to EU-HQ is an added benefit for our association and members to be present in the heart of Europe at low-cost, high efficiency."

David Harrow, Former President, European Power Transmission Distributions Association (EPTDA)

EU-HQ for Associations

Flexible office & meeting solutions for not-for-profit organisation in a professional environment

EU-HQ by Glocal Solutions is a universal solution for associations to establish or relocate their HeadQuarter presence in the European capital at the lowest cost in a multi-functional and modern office building.

EU-HQ offers prime office location in Brussels’ prestigious business park, a unique opportunity to share space and best practices with other associations and save up to 50% on operational costs thanks to an innovative, flexible concept.

Direct access to Brussels International airport, main roads and public transportation is a must!

Join other sector-leading associations and benefit from expertise and collective services offered by EU-HQ!