Strategic office location with cost-conscious perspectives

« EU-HQ for Associations in Brussels » is a unique, universal concept offering not-for-profit organisations (associations) the possibility to avail themselves a strategic location, at highly competitive conditions.

One of the major assets of this concept is that it aims to bring together, on one common platform, several entities from various horizons that can all learn from one another’s experiences and best practices.

Experience demonstrates how crucial it is for association independent leaders and managers to access valid sources of information in their specific fields of interest and exchange ideas with their peers.

EU-HQ boasts state-of-the-art facilities equipped with high technology for hosting and setting up all-size associations. This unique and international platform helps to maximise economies of scale, exchange of experiences and best practices as well as direct access to highly professional infrastructure and services.

The strong advantages of this exclusive network meet the specific needs of today and tomorrow’s associations while offering budget-conscious perspectives.