EU-HQ welcomes 15 organisatoins

3 Dec 2012 - Glocal Solutions welcomes 15 leading non profit organisations and companies in a year to EU-HQ

In 2012, some 15 leading international companies have moved in their Headquarters and central operations to EU-HQ, now occupying a space of nearly 2,000 square meters.

In 2011, Glocal Solutions, specialists in Association Management, Strategic Management, Project Consultancy, Brand & Communication, announced the launch of its EU-HQ concept for associations and small-medium sized corporations. EU-HQ is a flexible, highly functional and modern office solution for organisations seeking to establish or relocate their headquarters to the EU Capital in Brussels’ most prestigious business park. In 2012, some 15 leading international companies have moved in their Headquarters and central operations to EU-HQ, now occupying a space of nearly 2,000 square meters.
More recently, world’s leading industry associations have joined in and relocated to the EU-HQ premises, benefitting from attractive and affordable point of presence solutions, state of the art meeting and conference facilities in-house, and strategic communication, event and brand support from Glocal Solutions’ specialised team.

The newest Associations to join EU-HQ by Glocal Solutions are:

  • Pain Alliance Europe, Belgium
  • European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC), Belgium
  • International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS), Belgium

The newest Corporations to join EU-HQ by Glocal Solutions are:

  • Premium Value Services, Belgium
  • Joint Analytical Systems Benelux bv (JSB), The Netherlands
  • CYTEC Belgium BVBA, Belgium

Several leading international organisations and associations have chosen Brussels as their new European central hub, under the EU-HQ by Glocal Solutions. These include:

  • European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA), Belgium
  • International Wall Covering Manufacturers Association (IGI), Belgium
  • European Academy of DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology (EADMFR), Belgium
  • AIM Group International, Italy
  • Arusys Technologies, Belgium
  • Datalliance, United States of America
  • ITR Economics International, USA
  • Rodschinson Investment Group, Belgium
  • Webprimes-Bonpromo, United Kingdom/ Belgium

Hans Hanegreefs, Founder and CEO of Glocal Solutions and the creator of the EU-HQ concept, explains: “The uncertainties surrounding the global economy have put pressure on organisations to adapt their modus-operandi in a more effective way and at reduced operational costs. We created EU-HQ to support these organisations to maintain their competitive advantage and continue growing their market share by moving operations to a cost-effective, highly representative, and incredibly flexible office space solution, tailor-made to their exact specifications. In addition, these partners can now benefit from world-class meeting and events space available in-house, without having to rent extra space at an external venue or hotel - saving costs, time and efforts to organise small and large meetings, at any given time.”

EU-HQ is a prime office location in Brussels’ prestigious business park, a few minutes away from the International Brussels Airport, NATO HQ, and other leading international companies’ headquarters. EU-HQ not only offers the office space but a multi-national and multi-cultural platform for organisations to share best practices, resources and knowledge amongst each other, as well as Glocal Solutions’ experience of over 20 years in professional association management, project consulting, meetings and events management, and brand and communications.

EU-HQ also offers 800 square metres of world-class meeting and events facilities featuring two large auditoriums and smaller meeting rooms, with a total capacity of hosting up to 300 delegates on a single floor.

”The early success of EU-HQ demonstrates that we are offering what the market is asking for. We have already fulfilled more than 50% of our available capacity and are looking forward to welcoming more leading organisations, associations and small-medium sized companies to our premises,” adds Hans Hanegreefs.

For more details on EU-HQ by Glocal Solutions and other services of Glocal Solutions, please contact:
Glocal Solutions, Grensstraat 7, 1831 Brussels (Diegem), Belgium
Tel. +32 2 673 28 13 or +32 473 273 943

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