European Federation of IASP Chapters

European Federation of IASP Chapters

3 Dec 2012 - EU-HQ welcomes EFIC, the European Federation of IASP Chapters

EFIC, the European Federation of IASP Chapters, transferred its European headquarters to the EU-HQ concept by Glocal Solutions in November 2012.

EFIC is the fifth association joining the EU-HQ platform after EPTDA (European Power Transmission Distributors Association), IGI (The Global Wallcoverings Association), IFSS (International Federation of Sleddog Sports) and EADMFR (European Academy of DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology).

Besides these non-profit organisations, EU-HQ also hosts ten corporations with expertise in various fields and services. Some of them are European-based and chose to relocate their activities in a strategic loaction; others, originally US-based, make the most fo the EU-HQ solutions to develop their activities in Europe. EU-HQ expects to welcome more organisations and institutions in the coming months.

With a dedicated, 800-sqm meeting floor, the BrusselsMeetingCentre, combined to smart turnkey office packages, EU-HQ offers a complete, flexible solution for entities of all sizes.

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